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Egodi Uchendu (MNAL, FHSN) is a Professor of History and International
Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Her researches revolve around
gender—women’s history and masculinities studies, people and conflict
situations and conversions to Islam in Eastern Nigeria. She has received
several research grants from major funding bodies including the United States
Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, the A. G. Leventis Foundation,
CODERSIA, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the National
Universities Commission. She has served on Boards, grant-selection
committees, and as transnational assessor for a variety of academic awards
and non-academic matters. She is the recipient of “The Wangari Maathai
Award for Innovative Scholarship and Leadership” by The University of Texas
at Austin (2017), and UNN most punctual Lecturer award; a member of the
Presidential Committee for the Review of Nigeria National Defence Policy
(2015), two-term Vice President of the Fulbright Alumni Association of Nigeria
(2010-2014), Vice President of the Historical Society of Nigeria (2013-2018),
African Collaborative Member of the Centre of African Studies, University of
Cambridge, UK (2014-2019), member, Gesellschaft zur Foerderung des ZMO
e.V., a former Director of CODESRIA’s Gender Institute, and current Editor of
Journal of the Historical Society of Nigeria (since 2014). She is currently
leading the African Humanities Research and Development Circle (AHRDC),
a University of Nigeria Institution-Based Research Group, and at the same
time an advisory member of RESOLVE Network, a U.S.-based initiative for
combatting violent extremism around the globe. Egodi Uchendu is married
with children.