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Ph.D. 1996-2002, Social History, Department of History, University of Nigeria.
M.A. 1991-1993, Political History, Department of History, University of Nigeria.
B.A. (with Honours), 1985-1989, History, Department of History, University of Nigeria.

ICT Tools for Teaching and Research 2010-11 University of Nigeria
Quality & Good Governance in Higher Education 2009 AvH / DAAD
International Deans’ Course 2007-8 DAAD / University of Applied Sciences, Osnabreuck, Germany
English for Graduate Studies 2001 Loyola University, New Orleans, USA

African History, Women, Conflict, African masculinities, Islam, Religious Conversions, African Historiography

  • ONGOING RESEARCH–The  Emergence of Islam in Nigeria’s Eastern Niger Delta Region, 1890s till date.
  • FUTURE STUDY–Patterns of Islamic Dawah in Eastern Nigeria
  • OTHER STUDIES–(1)African Female Historians and African Historiography                               (2)Medical Practice in Nigeria, 1960 to 2010


  • 2014: Capacity Building Workshop for Faculty of Arts, University of Nigeria. Funded by the Dean’s Office.
  • 2010: Convener, International Conference and Humboldt Kolleg on Islam in Nigeria’s Eastern Region and the Lake Chad Basin, Tinapa, 26- 29 September 2010. Goals: To forge collaboration among scholars from a wide range of disciplines linked by interest in Islam in the old Eastern Region of Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin, and to align the study of Islam in Eastern Nigeria in particular with studies on Islam in Africa generally.
  • 2008-2009: Building Research Competence Project. This was a Staff capacity building project. Goal: To train young academics on practical ways of developing their research competencies and disseminating their research results. Funded by Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Foundation, Germany, and the National Universities Commission, Abuja.
  • 2003-2004: Introduction of “African Women in History”. Designed the first female focused course offered in the Department of History or Faculty of Arts of the University of Nigeria.